Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Study, skiing and sparkly soirees...

Today I revised for my exam whilst watching son#2 ski.I read my notes on Great Expectations as he flew down the snow like a genius. I cannot believe how well he is doing - from scared and crying at Easter to parallel turns at June Half Term! What a little star!

I went and had my hair done this afternoon... blonder, shorter... am I having a mid-life crisis?? I am going to a dead posh party in about 3 weeks and am searching for the perfect dress... so far without success. I did try on a gorgeous one - midnight blue, sparkly, backless, fitted like a perfect glove from the waist down. Unfortunately from the waist up I looked like a wrestler...

So... the hunt is on for a 'wow' dress - not too bright, but sparkly and sexy. Not mutton dressed as lamb, but not the bride's mother either. If I find it I will photo it.I want to look drop dead gorgeous at this 'do' and I neeeeed a dress for it.Tomorrow may well involve a shopping trip.

Its not often that I go out to 'dead posh dos' so the shallow inner self that is my true character is crying out for attention and glamour.It is a night that calls for sparkle, lip gloss and Chanel No5. I plan to dance until I drop and breakfast at Harry's in the wee small hours. Ho Hum... only 3 weeks to wait now.

I have to find that dress!

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Gail said...


I am sure you will find the perfect dress. You are beautiful in your jogging clothes so I would not worry.