Friday, 18 June 2010

Am I weird - I loved my exam??!!

Well... my exam is done and dusted.A whole year of work completed.According to my husband and two friends I am, officially, a weirdo..... because I really enjoyed the exam.I arrived nice and early and read through my poems, then went in to find the loos.

It was a nice clean building with good parking and I felt pretty relaxed! I do admit that my heart was beating a little faster than usual, but I was excited and eager to begin rather than scared. I met my fellow students from my tutor group and then we were off.

I had practised timed questions in the week before and I wrote down my plan for each question - which, I am pleased to say, I stuck to.The first question was a passage from Henry V which I had to comment on - discussing theme, language and performance. The next question was about how men are represented in two of our Literature and Gender works - I chose The Color Purple and A Jury of her Peers.And finally I had to say whether I agreed that 'confinement' was a major theme in women's poetry, drawing from a range of poems.I wrote about 5 poems and finished with 5 minutes to spare.

I left the examination hall with a feeling of exhilaration and satisfaction that was just lovely.Various other students wanted to dissect and discuss the paper, but I avoided them and walked out to the sunshine.I learned a long time ago that there is absolutely no point in even thinking about an exam after - never mind discussing it. What will be, will be.You have done what you can and you could as well forget it until the results arrive.

So - that will be in August. Who knows how I have done! For now I am having a week off and then I will start on my next courses reading list. I will be studying The Nineteenth Century Novel - course AA316 - and I can't wait!!


Marlene said...

Congrats on completing the test, if you feel good about it, the results will also reflect that.

Julia Christie said...

Congratulations on a successful exam! It's always wonderful when you leave feeling you have done your best work.


Anonymous said...

Well done on the exam, I would say the enjoyment is a resul of good, effective revision. There is no feeling like the one when the page is turned over to find you can answer ALL the questions!

Caz said...

There's nothing better than that feeling of satisfaction after an exam, is there? Enjoy your week off.