Saturday, 5 June 2010

I hate travel firms and I want a holiday.

So... this is what's happened with our holiday. We booked last August. In November or some time before the hotel owner decided to go all-inclusive only. The holiday company did not bother telling us that, but did change their brochure.Now, after we have paid in full, they tell us we can't go to our hotel.There is very little availability for other holidays.

We could have a full refund. but we want a holiday.We did not have a holiday last year and have been so excited about this one - our first proper family a hotel, even if it is just self catering.The holiday company offered us another holiday in a crap apartment miles from the beach.

The thing that really gets me is the total lack of care.The staff in the local travel agents are amazing - they are doing all they can for us. But the admin department don't give a toss and that is what gets me so angry. We are just a number on an invoice. If they had told us in November that this had happened we could have paid the extra and gone fully inclusive, but they didn't bother because 'That's not how it works...' Well that's how it should work.

I am not mentioning the travel company yet because, as I say, the staff at our local branch are doing all they can to help.But if this doesn't get sorted out I will name the company and they should be ASHAMED.


Gail said...

Do you have anything like The Better Business Bureau? They take complaints about companies and the companies do not want these guys making bad comments.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

How frustrating :( We are trying to figure out what kind of vacation we will be able to take this year. With airfare as outrageous as it is, we are really finding ourselves limited!
I hope everything gets worked out for you!