Monday, 7 June 2010

Secret Housewife is auntie to triplets!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!

I am so thrilled today!! I haven't mentioned this before on my blog, but today my brother's wife gave birth to triplets!!! Three healthy, bouncing boys - identical twins and their triplet brother!! My sister-in-law went in this morning and had them by caesarian section. They are 6 weeks early, but they are strong and healthy and screaming the hospital down!!

My brother and his wife will make such lovely parents - they are just wonderful people. These are their first babies and I think they are a little shell shocked to say the least!! We as a family have waited with baited breath through their pregnancy, hoping beyond hope that they would all be well and make it through to the end - and they have. Today is a good day and I can't wait to meet them!!Welcome to the world our little princes.


Grit said...

happy birthday smallest people and bravo mother! hope everyone finds something to help with! love xxx

Gail said...

I would be shell shocked for sure!

Three at once...a triple blessing.