Monday, 7 June 2010

How to get an RSS feed reader on your blog and what they do... or something like that...

Ok... I was just having a browse around the ether, on British mummy bloggers to be precise, when I came across an article on RSS feed readers. Well... please excuse my ignorance, but I can't tell my RSS feed readers from my Jack and Jill readers. I had always wondered what they were and the site directed me to a brilliant article which you can read.... here. Massive thanks to both Muddling Along Mummy and Vegemitevix 
for their posts!!

I had no idea the world could be so clever!!! All of a sudden I can read all the blogs I follow in one place, without having to wait for my clockwork computer to load pages.Brilliant!! I can e-mail pages, mark stuff as read and see how my stats are doing - not just followers or people who come to my blog, but people who visit via a feed reader.

I sound as if I am speaking Greek, but it all kind of makes sense when you follow the instructions and see it working.It is idiot ( or at least Secret Housewife ) proof and I highly recommend it!! You probably all do it anyway.... but if you don't... come on over and join the party!!!

Today has been a marvellous day. I have sorted my holiday ( more tomorrow! ) become an auntie to 3 new boys and sorted out my RSS thingamejiggy!!! Does life get any better???


Gail said...

Yes! And I hope it continues to be good for you.

vegemitevix said...

Awww thanks for your lovely comments. They go a long way to making me feel a lot less grumpy today. (I've posted on the grumpy meme over on my blog!) ;-p If you need any more help just drop me a line.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Thanks for your lovely comment - glad it helped

I've been wanting to tinker with my blog but currently have the fear (after a bit of a recent disaster) - you have spurred me on!

Caz said...

I have no idea what I've done - but I've done it. I still feel clueless. I'm wondering if there should be an RSS thingy on my blog?