Monday, 5 July 2010

A new place of loveliness and beauty ... a touch of Razmataz!!

I was just sitting here considering that I really ought to go to bed. I started to think about the day and felt that I wanted to write something else... the thing that sprang to mind was something about a new blog that I found today. Or... I should say that this blog found me.I turned on my computer to discover a new follower and off I went to visit.

Well... I have to say that if I had three wishes I would spend one of them going to live in the world of Razmataz In an ideal world my house would look like this and I would have the taste and imagination of Chania who writes the blog and designs all the beautiful things there.

Just as I was contemplating writing about her, Chania popped over and left a comment!How spooky is that?? So... if you are in need of a beautiful place... a sanctuary of loveliness.... I highly recommend a visit! If only you lived closer, Chania I might just come and camp out in your garden!!

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