Monday, 5 July 2010

Twitter ... I have retweeted...

I have recently signed up for Twitter again. It had been a long time since I had looked at my account - in fact so long that I had to start a new account altogether - under my alter ego of Uggly Muggly. What is it about these online thingy's that fascinate me so much?

I think that I love the instant gratification of the Tweet. I love reading quips of 140 words or less that can sum up a person's day in as few words as possible.I love the throw away lines and sarcasm, the instant replies.I love that someone can be sitting in a bar in Tulsa tweeting and I can instantly reply to them.

The bad side of Twitter is the narcissism... the 'look at me I'm so funny' side of it.I don't like the cult of 'following' everyone who ever opened an account, in the vain hope that they will follow you and make you look dead popular.I don't quite know what I will do with more than my 21 followers because, right now, I am happy with that. I have a bantering relationship with 21 (mostly) strangers.

Blimey! Listen to that... I banter with strangers...Kind of scary...But actually its not, is it? I pick and choose who I follow and who follows me. I have been known to get rid of people - or, as the lovely Urban Cynic said today - 'cull'.

There is a lot I don't understand... the Twitter shorthand... the use of #... Twitter etiquette...

Its like blogging, but more instant.Its the home of the one liner and the quirky observation.At least it is on the pages I read... I have ventured into the world of GhettoTwitter where people don't talk of Pimms, but #bitches. Deary me.... not for me at all! I prefer the gentle tap of the keyboard in a land where the writers can actually spell and where they don't use Rapper Talk.... mmmm.... yes. I love Twitter, but I love it selectively.

But then - that's the way we all live our lives isn't it? Selectively.Ho Hum...



I like the challenge of the 140 characters; it can sharpen my writing.

I agree with you about the followers lark - the number of people who say "OH, help me get to 2000 followers otherwise my life isn't worth living" are just plain sad. Or don't have any life to start with.

It's not about quantity - it's about quality.

Sure, there are times when I want my message to reach out to lots of people, but only if they are interested in the subject to start with !

Razmataz said...

Hi Sarah, I think it is so similar to blogging where people just want the followers. But, unless you just want a following of people you have no other connection with, then whats the use?

I joined your blog yesterday, finding you from Mr. Londond Street I believe.

I look forward to following you.


Urban Cynic said...

Don't worry about how many people follow you - I think less is more as long as you enjoy their tweets. I like following Dita Von Teese & Shit My Dad Says the most.

Here's a link to Twitter etiquette:

And here's one to top tips:

See you on the Twittersphere my friend. x