Saturday, 24 July 2010

To videoblog or not to videoblog? That is the question...

I was thinking the other day... yes I do think quite a lot... I was thinking about blogging and about my new laptop. One of the things I was wondering about was video blogging. I really enjoyed Mr London Street's audio blog a little while ago and I wondered whether doing a monthly video blog would be something people might like? In the past I have posted a couple of films taken when I was out and about - mainly running so they were quite panty and jiggly... these would not be like that.

I wouldn't want to inflict myself on you more than once a month ... in fact I might not even do it at all... but its an idea. The things that worry me about it are that it would:

a)  be dull
b) be confused and rambling unless I read a post I had already written... but then that might be dull too...
c)  diminish my 'mystery status' and be a bit too revealing... although 'mystery status'... who am I kidding?
d)  be just too bloody self indulgent ... blah, blah, blah, look at me, look at me!!!

I would be interested in your views about this. And please be honest - you really cannot offend me. The nagging voice in my head tells me that I am just getting too up myself and to relax and keep it the way it is. I don't want to end up like some middle aged newsreader and all of you just wander off elsewhere because I am so dull!

Anyway - let me know, eh? Thank you!! xx


Urban Cynic said...

I think if it's something you fancy having a go at then you should; you may decide to do it & then not like it at all. You can put up videos anyway through Blogger.

It might be nice to jazz it up a bit. I have to confess that I always quickly mute my laptop when I click to your blog as I find the music comes on loudly & makes me jump. Plus I can't read with it on!

We all know what you look like & I've heard your voice on another video you posted (hailstones I think)but give it a go - why not? x

Juli Ryan said...

I have been thinking about vlogging too. On a good hair day!

Marlene said...

I have never viewed a vblog, it might be interesting to at least try in one time to see how you and your readers like it.