Saturday, 2 October 2010

Allotment progress and new friends.

I siezed half an hour this afternoon to go down to the allotment and do a bit more clearing.The good news this week is that the council lady has agreed to provide a skip so that we can dump our rubbish. This afternoon I dragged out several metal poles, three scaffolding poles complete with concrete laden bottoms, the metal top of a green house, two metal sunchairs and copious amounts of old carpet.

some of the rubbish

The corner I was working on ended up looking much neater, but we have a lot more to do.

I met the loveliest old boy who came over and offered to help. He was a friend of Daphne's ( the chatty lady I told you about in a previous post ) Before I could say anything he was there in his 'gardening slippers' dragging out metal poles and giving me advice on how to string up beans and sieve out good soil from rubbish.He was such a character. Daphne had whispered to me as he strolled over 'This is my friend Tom. He's very rude, but he's alright.Don't be offended.' Well he was just the salt of the earth - a typical old English fella, full of insults and jokes, but also with a heart of gold.

I haven't been able to do much this week because of the dreadful weather. This is England, you know! But whenever I have been off and the weather has been fine I have been up there. I just love it! This is what it looks like at the moment with a following photo of what it first looked like. I can't believe that to start with we couldn't even see where it began and ended.

the view from the back of the plot

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Gail said...

Great progress. The main fun in gardening is all the new people you meet.