Sunday, 3 October 2010

And now I need GCSEs .... my life is full of hurdles to jump and I'm only little.

I am writing this in the small space I have between study and getting tea ready. My chicken is in the oven, as are my roast potatoes, but soon will come the moment when I have to get busy with vegetables and gravy! So, off we go quickly now!

I am planning, as some of you know, to train to become a Primary School teacher.Once I have completed my Degree I will get myself on GTP ( that's a Graduate Teacher Programme ) This means I can train and get paid for it. Hurrah!! As an experienced Teaching Assistant I was hoping it would be pretty easy to get on a course ... well, when I say easy... these things are never easy and I know that they only take the best candidates. However, I thought with my experience and qualifications I would stand a better chance than many.

Now I discover that I need GCSE level maths and Science. Bugger.I have 'o' level maths at a grade D and Biology at a grade E I think. That is not good enough. I am going to check with the local university tomorrow, but I am pretty sure I will have to pay for 2 GCSE courses. For those of you who don't know this is the most basic level that kids take at age 16.

I am happy to do them if that's what it takes, but Holy Moly... they are going to cost me over £800. I understand that you have to be of a level to teach, but I am doing an Honours Degree in Literature and I am fully numerate in everything Primary School aged children require. I may not be hot hot hot on logarithms and quadrilateral equations, but really... Primary school aged children don't do that sort of maths!

I can work out the internal angles of any polygon... would that help??

Ah well, another frustration, but one that will eventually get resolved.How come they let practically illiterate people into schools to teach and yet its so hard for me?? Right... on with the chicken now... rant over.


Anonymous said...

This can be a real pain, I took GCSE Maths a couple of years ago and was assured my acsess course English at Level 3 covered me for GCSE English. I am sure that some day someone will tell me that is not the case!! There are equivilent qualifications that are cheaper & quicker to take for GCSE Maths, and possible Science, usually the local college can help. Rightly or wrongly almost all roles now ask for GCSE Maths & English A - C at least. Good luck - I do agree though it's like they keep moving the goal posts.

Caz said...

What on earth is a polygon? That's how great I am at maths and is one of the reasons why I keep umming and ahhing about teaching - the kids will probably leave dumber than what they were when they started!!! I agree though - I've seen some atrocious spelling mistakes by 'teachers'!!! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

That should be access & equivalent of course!!

Sarah Kevin said...

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