Tuesday, 11 January 2011

AA316 - TMA04 done and dusted. Thank goodness that's finished - only 3 more to do.

Tonight I am luxuriating in my lap top. I have finished my essay on George Eliot's Middlemarch and the works of various nineteenth century critics and can spend an evening kicking back, drinking wine and watching rubbish on tv.

This was the third essay that I have written on my OU course this year and was 2000 words. Those 2000 words had to be wrung out of me like blood from a stone.I remember looking at the title and thinking 'Bloody Hell! I don't even know where to start!!' I am finding the course somewhat joyless at the moment. I love the set novels, but, good grief, the study of the critics is dry stuff.

The thing I find quite supportive is the OU forum.It certainly makes me feel better to read that other people are finding it just as difficult as I am. Strangely there seem to be different rules for different tutorial groups as far as word limits go. Some have to stick exactly to the limit, others can vary the word count by up to 10%. When you're writing a 2000 or 4000 word essay that's a big difference.

The strange thing is that in the end my essay just seemed to appear on the page. I turned to one of my books and it fell open on a page full of exactly the right information for the bit I was writing.Its like being blindfolded and then pushed down a sticky helter skelter. There is no way of knowing where you are, but gravity pulls you inexorably down the slide. I had no idea where I was going, but I got there in the end.I have no idea what sort of mark I will get but thank goodness its done.

I just need to keep plodding on and I will get there in the end.


Sensible Footwear said...

There's such a sense of satisfaction (and relief?) after completing those essays, I imagine. Good to have support as well.

Anonymous said...

Well done for finishing - can you do mine for me too?

I know what you mean about coming across the perfect quote or reference, sometimes it just pulls the whole essay together. I am still loking for mine for this essay btw!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Yes, there is satisfaction and relief in finishing. I know I will look back and think 'Well, that was hard, but worth it.'
Good luck to you Student Mum!

Louba said...

Well done! I've never read Middlemarch but it is on my long list of must reads - did you enjoy it?
I've nominate you for a Stylish Blogger Award :) details are all here

Sarah said...

Why, thank you kindly Louba! I am thrilled!!I shall come over to thank you properly!
I can definitely recommend Middlemarch.Its slow to start and very wordy in places, but George Eliot is a genius.The way she draws you in to the multitude of characters and creates such a real world is gorgeous.