Saturday, 26 March 2011

Latest allotment photos and progress!!

Sorry - its allotment time again!! I went down there yesterday and also this afternoon. I can tell you that my least favourite thing in the world right now is ... roots!! I am digging and digging. Yesterday I dug for an hour and a bit and all I did was this...

Today I went down and managed to get further with the bed and add manure to it...

You can see how poor the soil is. I also sewed some green manure seeds, raked them and watered them in.

They are in the bed closest to the camera. Hopefully after a few weeks they will grow and I can dig them into the bed to enrich the soil.

My next and quite pressing job is to plant the raspberry canes a fellow allotment holder gave me along the new bed at the back. I have started keeping a journal of my progress with details as to jobs done, jobs planned and plants planted. Hopefully that way I can keep track of everything.

I have downloaded the form to apply for permission to put a shed on. It will be along the fence behind the oil barrel that I use for burning. Then I won't have to lug everything up there each time I go!!

Still, I am pleased with the progress, especially when you think that this time last year it looked like this...!!

Onwards and upwards!!


Gail said...

Great progress!

We try to have our berries so they have something to lean on like the fence and you don't want them to shade anything else.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thanks. Yes - I am going to put in old scaffold poles and run wire between them to give the raspberries something to climb on. Another job in my mind!!

Louise said...

I shall definitely be following your allotment progress. I would love one, but have quite a large garden to contend with at the present time. Those raspberries will be lovely, but beware those canes will spread underground. They are popping up all over the place in my garden! Hark at you, green manure. Real allotment talk. I can see plenty of double digging on the cards too! x