Sunday, 6 March 2011

My allotment - 7 months on.

I spent a wonderful hour on my own this afternoon at the allotment. My progress is painstakingly slow, but in my head I know exactly where I am going with it!! I took a photo of the plot before I started and some when I had finished. It may be taking a long time to prepare, but I think I am doing well considering.

I have looked at some of the other allotments on the site and their owners have rushed into growing without having prepared the ground properly first. I would rather grow less to start with and have good well prepared soil than rush and have masses of weeds growing through. There will be enough weeds to clear even with well prepared ground!!

I took a photo of some of the nettle roots I have to clear. They are buggers, but not as bad as bind weed or other pernicious weeds.

So - just a little update on the plot. We have now had it for 7 months.


Philip said...

A work of art madame - and lovely to see the sunshine on the soil. I did an hour or so this weekend too.

Caz said...

Looks very neat and tiday and well tended!