Saturday, 5 March 2011

Goodbye Gift Wrap - hello Imagination, Recycling and Beautification!

For quite a while now I have been into recycling and my aim is to train my family to do the same.We are pretty close to h aving nothing in our landfill bin - it all goes in the recycling.One thing that has irked me for a while now, though, is ... wrapping. Having had my birthday yesterday I am an authority on the wrapping paper usages of my friends and family.

One of my friends gave me half a dozen eggs from her own chickens. They came in a much used egg box which I thought was really cool.Most people, including myself, use wrapping paper. I was really interested today then to read this article by Razmataz about 'not wrapping'. She gives some really lovely ideas for gift giving and decorating.

If you click on this link you can go to her site and see some of her ideas. I hope you enjoy - I am certainly going to be using them.


Gail said...

There are many amazing ways to reuse and recycle.

Louise said...

Being only two of us our landfill bin only usually gets a third full before collection. I collect as much as I can for compost. The rest goes for recycling. I've often come across interesting ways of wrapping too! x