Friday, 4 March 2011

Birthday Girl.

Its my birthday today!! I had to just pop by to say that I am having a lovely day. I went into work and my teacher had got all the children to make me a Birthday Book which was so sweet. Other friends came laden with fresh eggs from their chickens, cava, flowers, chocolates and a gorgeous shawl.

I spent the afternoon in the garden, raking up leaves and making the place look neat and tidy. I planted primroses and pruned my clematis and roses.

When the boys came home from school I opened presents from them and my Man - fab smelling Yankee candles. We ate chocolate cake and drank tea. Tonight I am out for a meal with my Man and then back in time to watch a film - The Girl who Played with Fire.

I have been so touched by the wonderful birthday wishes from everyone. I love birthdays. I cannot believe I am 47 now. Its strange, but the number of years just doesn't matter to me. Its the quality rather than quantity!! I am so fortunate.


Perfectly Happy Mum said...

happy birthday to you!! It sounds like had a lovely day and it is not over yet so keep enjoying it :)

Nicki said...

Happy Birthday!!! I am newly following you! I got your site from “My Life as a Mature Age Student.”

Inkling said...

Happy Birthday! If I could swoop over to your side of the pond, we would go out for more chocolate, and then I'd put on old clothes and help you out in the garden. I am glad you had what sounds to be many lovely moments for your special day.

Urban Cynic said...

Happy birthday for yesterday; it sounds like you had a lovely day.

Thank you very much for the comments on my blog; they are much appreciated. I know you often have similar occasional outbursts so we understand each other quite well on that front!

And thank you for the nomination; does that mean I HAVE a stylish blog award or I'm just nominated... how does it work?

Gail said...

I'm late but hope you had an amazing birthday.

Louise said...

I'm 47 this year too, and I can't believe it either! So sorry I missed your birthday. Infact I feel very bad for neglecting to comment on your blog too. You had an enjoyable day though, with family and friends, which is the most important thing. Happy belated birthday wishes from me! x