Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Allotment news and photos.

So, after a full day I have some photos to post. I took my son to football all morning and then came back to work in my allotment. Yesterday I looked in frustration from my window at the sunshine outside and couldn't get out ( I was in a very dull tutorial), but today I was out and digging.I can feel that I am starting to get better at digging, although I have to pace myself!

I spent 2 hours today trying to dig the huge pile of green rubbish.I also planted a gooseberry bush. So the sum total of my plants are - 2 blackcurrant bushes, 1 gooseberry bush, a row of onions and a row of garlic. I am feeling quite like a farmer... Well, maybe not quite yet!!

The whole thing really appeals to my sense of order. I just love seeing the plot taking shape and it is such an enjoyable way to spend one's time. I get home aching all over physically, but also aching to get back down there.



Love the photos you shared. I'm not into gardening but I can see where it would make you feel accomplished. I'll just enjoy your little plot and not get my hands dirty or my body achy.
My husband would love it. We have 1 1/2 acre to care for and I do a bit of weeding in flower bed in front of house but that's it.
I love flowers and fresh garden veggies though. Good luck with your efforts. Barb

Pauline said...

You are making marvellous progress, aren't you? The memory of the aches and pains will disappear as soon as you start your harvest!