Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My fairy godfather and the allotment - more photos.

Having finished my pesky essay yesterday I was able, today, to spend huge amounts of time at my allotment. I woke up at 2.30am and could not get back to sleep as I was planning my allotment chores. This thing is becoming my obsession! I went down to B&Q this morning ( having lain awake for over an hour ) and bought bamboo canes, a step ladder, twine and wire.

My fairy godfather L has been working like a mad thing on the plot. I have never met anyone like him. He is quite incredible and so knowledgeable. He had dug me a runner bean bed the other day and actually made a metal frame. He has also been digging. Everything is so neat and well done.

I dropped the canes down at the allotment and when I came back he had made the runner bean wigwam. Part of me was really disappointed as I had wanted to do it myself, but on the other hand it gave me more time to do other chores. And he had done it far better than I ever would have done.

I actually dug holes and concreted in my washing posts all by myself. These are to support my raspberry canes when they grow. I will go back tomorrow when they are totally sturdy and stretch wires between them. Other people from the allotment had taken tree loppers and lopped down the branches of a tree that overhung my plot.

The kindness of these people knows no bounds. They are just incredible. I said to L that I wished I could do something for him and them. He said I was helping him just by letting him work my plot and by working on it myself.Another plot owner came over and Len told him I worked as hard as two men!! I found it quite moving that he felt I was helping him.We have such a lovely time working in the sunshine, sometimes bantering away, other times just working silently.

The allotment is really starting to take shape. Looking through my photos I cannot believe the difference since we took it over last August.


Inkling said...

I am loving the story that is coming out of this allotment pursuit. I totally think you should write a book inspired by your friend and the time he spends helping you. The pic of him by the bean wigwam made my imagination dream up all sorts of stories about his past, his grandfatherly wisdom, etc. So obviously, you'd have one buyer of your book in me if you really did write it. ;)

Urban Cynic said...

It looks amazing - it's really come on from the mess you took ownership of not long ago. I'm sure L would e happy with a pie or something made from your produce when you harvest it. Well done Sarah - you're doing marvellously!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post and I too have been following since, as Urban Cynic said, it was that "mess" you took ownership of not long ago. :) I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor. Keep us posted on this. :)

sarah at secret housewife said...

I am so pleased that you are interested in this!! You can see how obsessed I am and its lovely to get feedback from you telling me you like what I'm doing.I am going up there again later to take some photos and will repost.

Urban Cynic said...

Yes - do keep us posted; I'm not as interested in the studying stuff sometimes unless it's something I've read so it's nice that you have a mixture of things you blog about that appeals to different types of readers... Which is why you have 118 followers!