Friday, 20 May 2011

Lettuces, lavender and French marigolds on my allotment.

I spent a lovely afternoon on my allotment. I had been to the garden centre and bought some plants - pumpkins, lettuces, lavender, thyme and french marigolds. I popped along to my plot and set about planting. I cannot tell you wonderful it is to be alone in my allotment with the birds and the breeze, planting and watering. Its so simple - something that people have done for centuries and I am amazed every time I go down there to see my plants growing.

It is starting to look like a kitchen garden, with a mix of vegetables, fruit and herbs. My ambition is for it, one day, to be bright and buzzing with bees and hover flies, butterflies and ladybirds - along with healthy beds of scrumptious lettuces, runner beans, potatoes, french beans ...

Hopefully this week we will put in the last raised beds so we will have 6 in all. Getting there... getting there.


Gail said...

Wow, what progress!! Looking good.

Urban Cynic said...

It's really coming along and looks great! It also sounds really rewarding and a nice escape from the kids, the noise, the expectations and the housework!