Monday, 23 May 2011

Women's rights pushed back 50 years by sexist club.

Before I began my life as a secret housewife I had another life. For 12 years I worked in casinos. I was fortunate that I worked in high end, Mayfair clubs and although some of you may have visions of seedy dives occupied by gangsters and girls of easy virtue, the truth was a long way from this. In fact there are no such places in Britain - they are myths left over from the 1960's.

I considered myself a career woman, respected by both those I worked with and the punters. Women worked hard to dispel the image of being bits of fluff who happened to deal roulette or blackjack. We wanted to be considered equal to the men with whom we worked.

And now I am so disappointed to read about the opening of the Playboy club again in London. I refuse to even put a link to it because it represents everything that is wrong with casinos. The 'bunnies' were 'cast'. They were not interviewed as any other person would be interviewed. Its not about 'How good are you at the job? Can you deal games efficiently? Can you handle difficult situations?' Its all about 'Does she look good in a bunny outfit?'

 Now tell me... if you went into a club and was greeted by a girl in a tiny leotard with her boobs pushing voluptuously over the top and legs up to her arm pits, wearing high heels and fish net tights - what would you think? 'Oh, here's a professional woman with whom I can have an intelligent conversation? Here's a person I can trust and respect?' Or would you maybe think ' Here's a tart I might get something out of? If I pay will she let me cop a feel?'

I cannot believe that women, in the 21st century, are willing to allow themselves to be put in the position of being hired purely for their physical appearance.Few of the staff there, and by that I mean the female staff, are there because they are good at their job.Some have never worked as croupiers before. They are there so they can provide eye candy for the punters. Their ability to operate as croupiers is unimportant. I believe that many of the old staff at the club have left - either pushed out or having left of their own accord because they refused to wear the 'uniform'. After all - the powers that be don't want some old bird with cellulite in their bunny outfits do they??

I had many an argument in my days working for casinos with the girls who allowed themselves to be used like this. Some said I was jealous that I did not have their 'assets'. Some said that it was their choice, their decision to wear skimpy santa suits for the Christmas card shoot and that it was all a bit of fun. I would argue that yes, it was their choice, but that it destroyed any respect we had ever fought for as women. By positioning themselves as sex objects they demeaned not only themselves, but the other women around them.

Maybe I am a killjoy in some people's eyes, but to me the position of women in society is fragile enough without them being put in bunny outfits that have them tottering about in high heels with their boobs and bums hanging out. What on earth is the aim of this? How can this possibly be anything but a backwards step?

Working in a casino is a difficult job. You have to make quick decisions, work out complicated bets, deal with angry clientèle. You have to be aware of so many things and it is a profession already tinged with disrepute. Many people see female croupiers as little more than tarts.

Well, I certainly was not like that. I was a hard working professional and I took pride in my job. Yes I always made sure that I looked as good as I could, because I was in the 'entertainment business' in a way. But that was as far as it went. I cannot believe that the powers that be can have the gall to put women's rights back 50 years by choosing women purely on their physical appearance. And I am gutted that the women who have chosen to work as bunnies are content to be viewed in this way.

I am so angry.

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Urban Cynic said...

look at the front of every magazine at your son's eye-level. Lots of tarts or famous women who have reached the top of their game... dressed as tarts.

Depressing & infuriating.