Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Recycling jobsworths ... idiots.

Right. Another day and another thing that has riled me... What is going on? I am usually such a happy bunny! I got home from work to discover that the bin men had refused to take one of my bins. We have various bins here - one for card, food, garden waste. One for glass, tins, plastics. One for paper. They had left the one that is full of paper in an insert box and plastic, glass and tins in the main bin.

Their reason for the refusal? Their reason for the large label on my bin marking it as Toxic?? They had found one sheet of A4 paper in the main bit of the bin. Yes, you read correctly.... ONE SHEET OF A4 PAPER.

Can you believe that? Two weeks worth of recycling, carefully sorted and one sheet of paper in the main bin instead of the insert box means that we have to wait another two weeks. I don't even know where the paper came from. It could have come from a passer by opening my bin and throwing the paper in.

I am so cross. What is wrong with these people?? Are they such jobsworths that they have to be so anal over things?? I could understand if we were abusing the system - not recycling, or putting any old thing in our bins... but ONE SHEET OF PAPER??!!

My sister in law lives 5 minutes away and does not recycle food at the moment. She just chucks it all in the bin to go to landfill. I separate all my stuff - plastic, glass, tins, paper. Bloody nora ... I work hard to do it right. And these idiots leave me with a bin full of stuff.

I have emailed them and will phone them tomorrow to try and appeal to their sense of fairness. But I don't hold out much hope. I will let you know.


Sophia said...

Ugh....sorry that you have that to deal with. Hope it gets worked out. Not right over one piece of paper. =/

Eve said...

Frustrating as hell! I'm lucky I'm in an apartment, so I just put everything in the recycle bin in the back..good luck!

Nicki said...

We recycle here but we suck at it. We have 3 bins and just toss everything in every bin. Cardboard mixed with glass and paper and last night's dinner! I don't even know what the hell A4 or 4A paper is but I am sure I have thrown that in the bin as well!!!