Friday, 27 May 2011


I had spoken to the local council about two enormous trees that overhung my allotment. I was worried because a couple of their branches were huge dead and rather dangerous. The lady arranged, after I had expressed my fear of death or serious injury, to have them felled. Its amazing what the mere hint of litigation or responsibility can do to gird the loins of local authorities!

Today I went along to the plot and both trees had been felled. The men who did it must be some sort of geniuses because they managed to do it with no damage to my plot whatsoever. Quite incredible!! I hadn't realised how close they were to my fence. Now I have some more light and I no longer am afraid of enormous branches dropping on my head!

There. I may complain when things go wrong, but I say nice things when they go right!!

before the trees were chopped

after they were felled.

you can see one of the stumps thru the undergrowth.


Tux said...

Did they have to cut them down? Could they not just have trimmed them?

sarah at secret housewife said...

I'm afraid so Tux. They were completely dead. Any greenery was ivy and they were deemed dangerous. We live in a conservation area and the powers that be do not allow trees to be felled without very good reason.

Gail said...

Hopefully they will be enjoyed in a wood stove somewhere.