Saturday, 28 May 2011

AA316 revision ... now that's a post title that smacks of fun and interest!!

When I have written this I am going to revise. I have an exam in 2 weeks and really ought to be revising now instead of trolling around Facebook, Twitter and various other websites. I seem to have a built in timing system. Without actually working out how much time I need to complete something I just seem to know when to start.

Its as if my inner clock is working everything out in my subconscious and then, when the time is right, I begin. It was like that with my long essay and it worked out well.With my A levels , years ago, it worked out ok too. So I am hoping this exam will be ok too.

Having attended an Exam Revision Day School last week I now know what I need to revise and I spent a few hours downloading info. All I need to do now is force myself to sit and learn it!! 


Eve said...

Good luck with your exam! I know what you mean..I seem to waste a lot of time on Twitter, although it's getting really kind of dull these days...don't worry, you're inner clock will not let you down!

Kelly B said...

I seem to be the Queen of Distraction!!!! Picking up notes now - Jane Eyre here we go again...then later BBC version of M lol x Good luck to you x

Mark Towner said...

Sarah, I'm an ex OUer and appear to have followed a similar path to you - BA (Hons) Humanities with Classics and English Literature. I noticed that you were planning to take a PGCE at primary level. I did this in 2010 at Brighton and it all went horribly tits up just before the end of the second placement. I'd be happy to talk you through what not to do if you are still hell bent on this madness. I can be reached on FB at at if you need to chat.


Anonymous said...

What information have you downloaded in regards to the exam? I was unable to attend the Exam Revision Day School :(