Friday, 24 June 2011

Bugs, berries and (b)otatoes down the allotment...

The summer here has turned into the British summers we know and love. That is to say its pretty cold and pouring with rain a lot of the time ...

Anyway, this amount of rain means only one thing on my allotment ... weeds. Luckily I have got rid of lots of them so when they start to appear they are pretty easy to dig up. However, going down there the other day and seeing my nice neat beds peppered with little green seedlings offended me!!

I knuckled down and spent a productive couple of hours weeding and tidying. I just love to see the place looking neat and tidy again.

I took some photos of the bugs I could see  - this nice ladybird which is always good to see as she eats the aphids that turn up. There was also this bug, possibly a longhorn beetle, and I have no idea if its a good or bad thing to have in my garden. Let me know if you know!!

We are starting to eat from the plot too. As you can see we have redcurrants, gooseberries and some lovely potatoes. Our lettuces are looking scrumptious and everything else is growing well. Who knew?? You can plant stuff, it grows, you eat it!!

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Inkling said...

My 2.5 year old and I loved looking at your garden pics today. It sounds like we have the same sort of summers here in the Lower Mainland of BC that you do in the UK. So far I think we've had two whole days I consider hot that also contained sunshine. It's always a shock to look at the sky and actually see blue. I'm glad I'm not the only one with prolific weeds. It's amazing how fast they can grow! If only my tomatoes would behave like that! =)