Monday, 27 June 2011


I sat down to write this and several topics popped up in my mind. Unfortunately I can't write about any of them. It was one of those times when you think to yourself "I feel strongly about this and I want to write about it", but another little voice in your head says "Careful, tiger!! If you write that and someone you know reads it you might end up losing your job."

So I am not going to write about those things. You will not have the joy of learning my views on strikes, decision making or certain irritating people. I am bound to silence. I hope you are impressed by my professionalism??

Instead I am sitting here being irritated by Venus Williams. She is playing a match at Wimbledon against Pironkova. Why do these tennis players have to make so much noise?? I don't think the men do, do they?? It sounds as if she is about to explode in some sort of massive orgasm every time she hits the stupid ball.

I can understand that she is putting in a lot of effort, but really ... Is it necessary? I think its just gamesmanship and when I have finished typing this I am going to turn the tv over. I am now feeling particularly peeved.

Oh, and another thing. Have you ever wondered where those aeroplanes flying overhead are off to? Well now you can find out by logging into You can click on the map and go to your part of the world and you will see little planes. If you click on them you will be told where they are coming from or flying to. In my little world of irritatedness this afternoon I have found light at the end of my tunnel. Now ... cup of tea I think ...


theothermousie said...

Hmmm yes, you tell them! I get irritated too, sometimes a little too easily... I have to speak out and find it very hard to hold back! I admire your professionalism, very commendable ; )

Gail said...

I understand. It is difficult to choose subjects.

The airplane map was wonderful to see. For me it shows no planes in our surrounding states and we have airports and military bases...strange.

Eve said...

I hate those noises the tennis players make too! Mind you, I don't watch tennis, so I only hear it if, like you, I can't change the channel right away...I get really pissed off when guys come into the sauna where I go to swim, and make all these noises and's stupid and I've always wondered why they do the way..I do admire your professionalism! Nicely done.

Groovymum said...

Cool website, I live very near an airport so actually I find them flying overhead quite irritating, especially after 11 which happens occasionally.

Over the years I find it easier to self-censor, was terrible at it when I was younger. So well done on keeping a lid on it, its hard to do, but I hope you find somewhere sensible to vent about it. You still need to get it off your chest, but I have learned to keep my venting far away from facebook and the rest of the internet.

sgemmill said...

Hi, I found my way to your blog after reading an book review that you did on:
I originally found you through a Google alert list.
Loved that recipe on Bakewell Tart by the way!
My reason for stopping by, was to ask if you'd like to review a novel that I've just published after 27 years...(don't worry, it spent 17 in a drawer as conventional life kept getting in the way). In case it's not for you, I've posted just the first 7 chapters for reviewers on my dedicated website the site's not quite finished yet but the essentials are in place. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi All. Thanks so much for all your comments!

Stuart - Thank you for asking me to review your book - I am very flattered. I have been over to your website and had a good look around - it has obviously been a complete work of dedication and love.I have tried to email you, but my mail was sent back.I am really sorry, but I am going to have to turn down your offer. I have lots of reading for my course and my reviews tend to be for shorter books.I will look out for your novel though and look forward to reading it when I have time to enjoy it guilt free.