Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Exam misery, madness and mayhem!! What a lot of lovely alliteration!

Well... you know I wrote that I had done my exam and I was off to drink cider, tend my allotment and generally forget about the whole of my course - letting the knowledge trickle out gently? It seems that I am probably alone apart from one other lady! The AA316 forums are heaving with dissatisfied AA316 customers - seething at the injustice of yesterday's exam!

I couldn't quite believe my eyes as it unfolded before me. There are a lot of upset people out there. I did tentatively write that I enjoyed it, but the other lady went into slightly more detail and ended up in a massive debate. I typed a few replies to some of the points, but decided to delete them as passions seemed to be running high...

Eventually the lady asked whether there was anyone else out there who did not find the exam too awful and I had to answer. Poor girl, I thought. You are not alone, I wrote!

Its a sensitive subject to get involved with and when people are upset already the last thing they need is some smarta*** coming on to say that they loved the exam. I didn't want anyone to think I was belittling their efforts, but I also felt sorry for this woman who was being battered for saying what she thought. Anyway... we shall see if I have offended anyone! I hope not. I tried to explain that, as my family and friends realise, my enjoyment of exams does verge on the weird!!

But, seriously, what is the point of going on and on about how unfair an exam was, or how badly you did, or even just going over what you wrote? There is nothing you can do about it and all anyone can do is wait and see. I suppose that it is very upsetting to have worked hard and to be afraid that you have done badly after a year of study. And, of course, this exam was worth 50% of the course mark...

Let's hope that everyone did better than they fear and as well as they hope.... and now I promise not to mention the exam again. ITS OVER!!!

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Groovymum said...

Oh wow, I'm sorry you had to defend yourself. I do think studying is a privilege. Yes we are entitled to it, but its not a product that we are buy that we can claim dissatisfaction with if we are not happy with the end result.
I do think its unfair that my philosophy tutor admitted he is harsher than others with his grading, but why should I complain. His comments only make me want to work harder to make sure I do better next time. I'm lucky its not going to affect my final grade. Its just the way the cookie crumbles.