Monday, 13 June 2011

Another year, another exam ... done! Goodbye AA316!!!

I am just about to pour myself a lovely long, cold glass of cider. I have not been partaking of any such nonsense recently because I had my Final exam today for my Open University course - AA316.

I have been snuggled away revising Nineteenth Century novels, critics and more critics from the 20th century. So today was the big day. I had to do a 3 hour exam - 2 analytical questions, one on a passage from a novel and another from a critical essay passage. Then there were 2 essay questions to write, an hour each.

As I confessed last year when I did my exam for A210, I actually quite enjoy exams. Luckily I have a good memory for facts and figures and can think on my feet when it comes to quirky exam questions. Today I got lucky and everything went to plan. Well... at least I hope it did! I could be writing this in blissful ignorance of a paper failed!!

There are always those people afterwards though who want to deconstruct the paper, chat about where and how they went wrong. I tend to make a hasty retreat so I don't have to talk to anyone. My philosophy is 'What will be will be.' There is no point going into details as you leave the exam - what on earth can you do to change anything?

I did get stopped by a couple of people who asked what I thought of it and I remained neutral, but they seemed quite upset which is a shame. I would hate to have worked so hard and yet be faced with a paper that I couldn't do. I hope they are ok...

For me though the war is over for this year - well, until October anyway. I can while away the hours at my allotment!! I will get my results in August and they will offer me my degree. I can't quite believe it!! I am not going to take it yet though as I want to add on the Honours bit.

From October I will be studying Children's Literature which sounds lovely. The reading list includes some real classics like - Little Women, Harry Potter, Treasure Island and The Tale of Peter Rabbit!! Can't wait!!


Groovymum said...

That's uncanny, I felt the same when I finished my exam. I was so pleased that everything I had revised came up and I think I did really well on it. It was a huge relief but unfortunately my essay grades brought my final grade for the module down to a 2.2, I'm happy enough as I got a 1st in one of my modules and this is only my first year!

Anyway, well done on your exam and I know what you mean, definitely hold out for the honours! And thanks for commenting on my newborn blog!

Pauline said...

Oh, well done! I never liked to discuss exams either but I'd hurry away and take myself off somewhere quiet where I could breathe again. I hated exams. Thank heavens Alice in Wonderland isn't on your list. That story is a nightmare to analyse!

Enjoy your rest from study!