Thursday, 14 July 2011


I don't write about the place I work on here. I don't want to get myself into trouble by revealing too much or giving opinions on the place or people. Today however is different. I am shortly going to be working with a new boss and today I had a trial run. The thing that hit me today was not so much my views on this new colleague, but my views on the person I work with now.

It suddenly struck me how very happy I have been working with her. Each day has been a partnership and she has made work fun. As the year has gone on our friendship has grown and today I realised that she has brought sunshine into my working life. Its weird how sometimes its only when you are about to lose something that you begin to value it fully.

I have been so fortunate to be able to work with someone who is honest and kind, funny and trusting. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and although I am old enough to be her mum I am very glad to be able to call her my friend. I really hope we will stay in touch.

I felt really quite tearful today. This year has not been an easy one at work for various reasons, but I am so glad that we two were paired together. I know it sounds a bit naff, but we have been on a journey together, both of us learning as we went along.I have learnt a huge amount this year - both about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and about my job. The main thing though is that I will miss her so much. I think everyone at work will. She is just like a ray of sunshine bathing the whole place in light and joy. And yes, I know that sounds a bit daft, but its true.

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