Tuesday, 12 July 2011

To weed or to be shot - that is the question.

I went down to the allotment yesterday to do some weeding and my fairy godfather Len had been there before me. He had dug over my pumpkin patch and the spare bit at the back. He is so lovely! I couldn't stay for long unfortunately as I was a bit worried.

The reason was that someone , I think, was using an air rifle nearby. I could hear some men's voices in the garden of the house near the woods and then I kept hearing noises. They were like either fireworks or an air rifle discharging. I felt nervous as, obviously...duh ... I didn't want to get shot. I couldn't smell any smoke or see anything shooting up into the sky so I began to think it must be a gun.

I started to hear the discharges and then shortly afterwards the leaves at the top of the trees nearby were being hit by something. Much as I wanted to stay and work more I thought it would be mad to be there alone. To be honest it would be mad to be there with other people! I thought about calling the police, but didn't as I wasn't sure and didn't know for definite where the people were.

So, instead I went to B&Q. Always a better option than being shot - don't you think??

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