Saturday, 20 August 2011

An allotment update - photos of our harvest so far!!

We arrived home from our holidays last Sunday and I went over to the allotment to see how everything was doing. Well ... you would not believe how everything has grown!! My pumpkins have taken over like triffids, climbing up and across everything they can find. I had to really cut some of them back. I counted loads of the things growing away like big yellow lanterns.

Another surprise was my marrows. When I left there was nothing on them. When I looked at them earlier in the week there were masses! I cut two and left the others to grow more. I have picked and prepared masses of French beans, runner beans, spring onions, garlic ... I think I have enough garlic for both us and my neighbour's family for a year!!

My Autumn fruiting raspberries are growing big and juicy too. I had planted All Gold which are yellow when ripe and sooooo sweeeet! Anyway ... I have posted some photos below for you.

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Inkling said...

Yum! It's fun to see the fruit of all your labors! Thank you for sharing!