Friday, 26 August 2011

Autumn Allotment Show and photographic competition ... here we come!!

I know I go on about my allotment, but I am proud of it ... This Autumn the local council is holding an Allotment Show. People can come along and enter their produce into competitions. I am going to enter 2 of the competitions - Then and Now, which is a photographic competition showing the difference between your allotment when you first started ... and now. The other competition I want to enter is a photographic one where you can show photos of fruit or veg on your plot.

As you know, I have been taking photos ever since we started the plot. Each time I go down I take my camera and the result is a good record of the work we have done. Over the time I have taken some nice photos of my fruit and veg too.

So... I thought I would post some possible entries on here for you to see. I won't put the Then and Now ones on - you can see the sort of thing I will put on the allotment page above. What I am posting are my photos that I plan to enter in the purely photographic comp. I am not a photographer, but a snapper. I hope you like them!

There you go ... 


Gail said...

I absolutely love the second berry!!! The cherries? and the squash are beautiful, too.

Your before and afters should win the show. Have fun and good luck.

Gail said...

Some how I can no longer reply to your comments. I have my comments sent to email and yours comes up noreply comnent

So I am here to say thank for your kind remarks...we have been together a while. I have enjoyed it all. I have observed a very confident woman blossom. Thank you for staying with me.

Gail said...

To correct this, if you want, go to dashboard, edit profile and place email where it requests...won't be public but will be able to reply to you.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

Inkling said...

I love your photos! I so hope you win, for your hard work should definitely be rewarded somehow. Of course, I bet you feel a great deal of satisfaction like I do when I see my garden growing, and that feels like a good reward too. Thanks for always inspiring me. It's fun to garden "together" even if we are an ocean apart. xoxoxo