Friday, 2 September 2011

zumba and pumpkins...

Oooer ... I was going to post about my latest allotment stuff, but I have been hijacked by the new blogger layout. How swish! So far I like it ...

Anyway, before I ramble on about the allotment I can tell you that I went to Zumba tonight. Its my 3rd time and I am getting slightly more co-ordinated each time I go.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention zumba - it is an exercise class based around latin american music. Its wild! Lots of shaking of my voluptuous booty, awiggling of my shoulders, hips and most other bits! There are routines which we attempt to follow and as I go with a few of my friends from work it is a real laugh!

The allotment is coming along well. Weeds are under control, gravel is on its way for my paths and I have worked out a plan for planting for next year. I have also discovered a fab new website called Gardenersclick It is set up for all sorts of gardeners and you can ask questions, post photos, read articles and enter competitions - all gardening based. If you like gardening its well worth a look!

For now though let me just post the photos I took today. I hope you like them!

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