Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fat bird returns from rainy France with a 2:1 - hurrah!!

Well, I'm back. We have just spent two weeks in France, first at my cousin's house near Bordeaux and then near Sarlat in the Dordogne. Both these places are very beautiful, but please, if I ever mention to you that we are planning on driving down there for a two week summer holiday will you please just shoot me? Failing that maybe you could just remind me gently that 15 hours driving is really not a pleasant way to spend the first and last days of your hols ...

We succeeded in ending any drought that France may have been suffering, with our usual nack for bringing grey, dull, rainy weather with us. Luckily I had presence of mind enough to bring nice warm woolly socks with me and my cousin had a fantastic, deep bath with never ending hot water and a supply of bubble bath and wine. There is nothing quite like ending the day with a large glass of Pouilly Fume and a steaming bath that gently turns your skin from blue to lobster red.

The poor weather also meant that I have over indulged not only in the wine stakes, but also in any other type of food based greed. My tummy literally runneth over my jeans because of my complete lack of self control. You name it ... steak, frites, mousse de canard, creme brulee, baguettes, camembert ... the list goes on and on. I can now no longer turn my head without my double chins reverberating for at least two minutes and my backside has started to resemble that of an aged sow.

Still, the good news is that despite the after effects of all this gluttony I did enjoy myself. I also managed to read through 6 of my set books and JOY OF JOYS ... I passed my exam for the Open University!.I have been offered my degree having gained a 2:1, but I intend to keep studying for a year so that I can get my Honours.

So ... I may be fatter than I was, but I am also proven to be brainy beyond my wildest dreams!! Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and my French clouds have certainly proved to be lined with silver!


Joanne Munro said...

Well done on passing your exam! Get in there.

Your trip to France sounds similar to mine(see last 2 blog posts)we had a lot of driving to do as well - but only 10 hours instead of 15!

Trish @ Mum's Gone To ... said...


We did the Dordogne run last summer but thankfully stopped off half-way for an overnighter. We also took the rain with us and over-indulged. Glad to hear you're carrying on the tradition.

Anonymous said...

Seems like several of us were in France! We missed the rain on the way there, had an epic thunderstorm on the Tuesday and drove home (only 10hrs) through torrential rain.
Congratulations on the 2.1 and good luck with the Hons.

Gail said...


I would be willing to gain a few pounds to visit France, raining or not. You will be back on track before long.

Caz said...

Congrats on the results.

Sounds like the rain and the extra pounds were worth it - viva la France!

Caz said...

Pardon my French - VivE la France!