Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Ghostly Coincidence.

When we were travelling back through France from our holiday my husband reached into our box of CDs and plucked one without looking to put in the player in the car.It turned out to be a Horrible Histories CD about the First World War.

As we drove along we listened to the story of the war and we realised that we were driving through the fields of the Somme as the narrator talked of the battles that took place there.

I always feel a heaviness when we drive through that area and I always feel that we are there before we see the sign. On the CD the man began to tell a ghost story of an officer who allegedly came back in spirit form to rescue his men. As the narrator told us that this story happened in a little place called Albert, at the exact moment that he said the word 'Albert' do you know which exit from the motorway we passed? Yep ... Albert.

Now, in a ten hour journey when you have been driving for 5 hours already and you chose your CD randomly ... that's one heck of a coincidence!

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