Friday, 21 October 2011

Brit Mums Live - oh good grief - I'm going!!!

I have just arrived home after the first half term of the year and I am ready for some rest and relaxation. It is what it is, but this year does not look like its going to be an easy one full of joy and laughter at work! Still - I'm in a job and there is always the hope that the Euro Millions will come in for me!!

Anyway - I sat down with my well deserved cup of tea and toast with hummus to have a tiny trawl round my favourite sites. My latest squeeze is the Brit Mums site which I joined ages ago, but which has recently undergone a bit of a cosmetic booster session. On there they have all sorts of discussions about life and the universe, but I suppose a lot of it is around family life.

Yesterday I noticed that they were running a Blogger's Conference in London next summer and, loving all things bloggy, I was tempted to go along. The only thing was ... was that sort of thing for little old me? Would it be full of high powered corporate types in high heels and shoulder pads?

I decided to post a vlog or video post. It was a spur of the moment thing, done in my kitchen as I was cooking tea. I have had quite a few comments on it and all of them have been really positive and friendly. So, as I sat munching on my lunch I decided to take the plunge.

I don't have any friends around where I live who blog and the thought of chatting to other (mostly women ) who do sounds like fun. Eating cake and drinking coffee whilst doing all that makes it sound even better! So I have signed up, paid my money and posted another video to say "Hello!!! I'm coming!!!"

I am always keen to try new things and this sounds like fun. Sometimes you just have to be brave, don't you? If I get there and they are all a bit intimidating then I can walk away and go shopping. But it might just turn out to be a blast and I could spend 2 days learning loads, meeting great people and eating shed loads of cake ... I'll let you know!!!


Urban Cynic said...

SOunds fun! Would it be ok to mention that the copy on your blog is now quite hard to read? It needs to be slightly darker and maybe a tad bigger. The changes look good but it's not as readable any more. x

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Urban Cynic. I'm really glad you mentioned it.I had been a bit doubtful about the readability but your comment confirms that.I have changed the font size and colour and I think it looks better. What do you think? Is it a bit "Kids tv " ? if you know what I mean?? I appreciate your help. Sarah xx

Urban Cynic said...

It's ok, but I preferred it before you changed it all! Not my call though and you should have it how you want it. It seems bit random however and doesn't seem to me like it reflects 'you' as I know you.