Friday, 4 November 2011

Today you made me happy.

I stumbled across a page from Louba's blog yesterday that she wrote last year. What I love about her post was the joy found in the little things in life. It made me think.

The smallest things, the tiniest actions can change the direction of someone's day. She talks about her colleague bringing coffee like magic to her desk and I thought about what I could do to bring magic to someone else's day.

Its not really what you do that matters ... its the desire to do it and the fact that you took time to do something ... something thoughtful, something kind.

I have come to realise more and more recently how important it is to give people time - to look them in the eye when they speak, to listen, to smile, to let them know they are valued. If part of that means making a cup of tea or picking a flower from your garden - maybe giving someone a hug or noticing that they look tired today - well ... do it.

Being kind costs nothing. In our world of tension, stress, material desires ... often what makes your day is not the big things, but the little ones that come from the heart rather than the wallet.

Knowing that my afternoon might be hard my colleague left me a chocolate on her desk with a note wishing me luck & leaving me a kiss. How nice was that? It made my afternoon! When I got home from a difficult day my son greeted me at the door with a mug of tea. A stranger tweeted a kind word in reply to my secret worry.

I might sound a bit sanctimonious here. I don't mean to be. I just think that kindness, the consideration of other people is so important. I am going to try and do something for someone else each day. Maybe something little, but I hope I can make a difference.

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V said...

Sarah, you have made *me* happy ove rthe past week or so and so I wanted to award the great work you are doing with the Liebster award- don't know if you have been tagged before.... see here: