Monday, 26 March 2012

Stress, BritMums Live and Awards - not necessarily in that order!!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted. Life has been stressful to say the least recently so my blogging has taken a back seat. Usually I post about the things that stress me out, but these last weeks the 'stressful stuff' has been too hard to write about. I know that there are people these days who read my blog who actually know me in real life, and if you are one of those then please don't worry, but I have been preoccupied to say the least.

Still ... onwards and upwards. The good thing about the last few weeks is that I have been surrounded by very wonderful friends. Each dark cloud has a silver lining!!

I am very excited that, as the summer approaches, so does the BritMums Live conference! I have never been to any sort of conference, never mind a blogging one and I am so looking forward to it!! It is 2 days of seminars, speeches, networking ( that sounds professional doesn't it??!!) and general learning, all about blogging, blogs and everything connected to those topics.

The keynote speakers are Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown's wife and Ruby Wax. The days will be filled with cake, coffee, wine, (I hope), meeting new friends and learning how to make my blogging better!

I am quite a friendly type so I am looking forward to meeting new people!! I am starting to think about

  • what to wear!!
  • what to take.
  • designing business cards ...
  • finding a sponsor ...
I have never put adverts on my blog, but I am beginning to wonder if it might be an idea to place selective ads and links on in return for sponsorship. I am rather fussy though and I don't want my blog deluged with inappropriate rubbish. I have had a couple of offers, but they were not right for me - I just can't pretend to love something if I've never used it and never would!!

Another thing I am excited about is the fact that I have been put on the short list for the BiBs Video Blogger Award. Now I don't post my video blogs on here - they are a delight I save for the BritMums site, but I am thrilled to have been nominated at all and to reach the short list is a thrill!! If you have seen any of my vlogs and fancy voting for me - do feel free!! Just click on the link in the top right hand corner! I don't expect to win, but its really rather nice to have been voted for at all!

Well ... that's it for now. A little cryptic in places, but at least you know I'm still alive and kicking!!

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