Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Secret Housewife Shortlist Begging Vlog!


Hello!! I don't usually put my video blog doodahs up on here, but this time I am being brave!! Please take 37 seconds to watch as I have been shortlisted for a video blog award and would love your vote !! Thank you!!


Urban Cynic said...

You are shameless in your relentless self-promotion but I have voted for you out of pity.

Just joking! I have just voted for you even though your voice is nothing like I imagined it to be (don't ask me...)

Let's try again - I have voted for you and I hope you win. x

Sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you urban!! Goodness knows who nominated me but I was pleased!! What did you think my voice would sound like? I,d love to know!!!
Thanks for voting for me!!

Urban Cynic said...

I thought you'd sound a bit like a Surrey Yummy Mummy! You sound more 'normal' than I would have imagined - I thought you'd be a bit posher for some reason. Hope you win!

Caz said...

I voted for you ages ago - GOOD LUCK!!