Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Day trip to Bath.

Our little family went visiting in Cardiff over the Easter holidays and on our way back home we happened to see a sign to Bath. Now, I am a huge Jane Austen fan and my husband is a Time Team/amateur archeology enthusiast so we indicated and left the motorway in search of Roman Baths and Circulating Libraries.

We were not disappointed! Bath is a truly beautiful place and I was swept back into a world of ladies in long dresses, Darcys and Mr Wickham. The yellow stones of the buildings there lend a gorgeous mellowness and the architecture is stunning.

I could just imagine horses and carriages travelling down the Royal Crescent, calling for important afternoon teas. The Roman Baths themselves are stunning and I felt quite emotional imagining the people who travelled there to partake of the waters, from pre Roman tribes to Roman pilgrims to Georgian ladies. In the Roman bath museum there are even the steps to the original Temple of Minerva, worn and hidden from view of the current street level, but still able to evoke a strong sense of history.

As Bill Bryson said in his commentary on the little audio guide they give you " The rain that fell 10,000 years ago and has made its way through the Mendip stone bubbles up from the spring here in Bath". The big pool you can see is as warm as bath water and the orange mark on the walls of another pool is where the water used to come up to. The rings on the sides of the wall are donated by bathers cured of their ills hundreds of years ago - thoughtful of other bathers. The rings were for those other bathers to hang on to as they enjoyed the baths.

I absolutely loved Bath and I would recommend you visit if you ever get the chance. Even my boys enjoyed it and my husband and I plan on returning, sans children, to stay in a posh hotel and visit the Pump Room for afternoon tea, as well as exploring further such places as the Fashion Museum and the Assembly Rooms. Oh Joy!

us ... and the Royal Crescent.

looking from street level at the Roman Bath.

the steaming overflow of spring water.

the Roman Bath

the orange marks the original water level.

bathers entered down the steps and hung onto the rings.

almost like a Russell Flint painting - a beautiful place.


Lo said...

This was wonderful....I love the glimpse into the past that you have given us.

Urban Cynic said...

I've always wanted to go to Bath actually. I went through it on the train but that's as close as I've ever gotten! I also love history and the place is rammed with it.

You'd both love Brighton in that case - lots of Regency going on here. If you come down for the day I'll give you a tour!

Anonymous said...

Love Time Team & England. Thanks for mini tour & pics.


sarah at secret housewife said...

No worries Maude! Glad you liked it!

We will be down at the weekend Urban Cynic!!! (joke - don't panic!)

Glad you liked it too Lo.

Thanks for your comments x

Ash said...

(Sigh!) With a four year old travel to places like this would be quite tedious. Will wait for her to grow up and put bath on my list.

Best Wishes Ash

Kat said...

Glad you had a great time in Bath. I live 20 minutes away from there! Looks like you picked a great day for it too. Love Kat x
ps was mightily impressed at you completing the London Marathon!! Maybe a while ago but (from someone who can't run up the stairs) I'm still in awe! xx

Caz said...

I missed Bath the last time I was in the UK but went to Jane Austen's house in Chawton which gave me chills. Bath is on my list of places to visit when I come over next year - oh yes, and the Pump Room!! Getting chills just thinking about it!!

Kate Ladd said...

Gosh this takes me back. I remember drinking the pure water from there when I was a child and wasn't too impressed to be honest. Then staying at a 4* vegetarian hotel back in 2006 for a puppet theatre tour. great pictures. Thanks for sharing. xx