Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happiness and rhubarb.

I walked down the street, back to my house, this morning and I have to say I felt absolutely happy. The reason for this was my allotment. I had spent a good couple of hours down there, underneath a blue sky filled with scudding clouds and glimpses of sunshine.

I planted rhubarb and chives in my permanent bed and put fleece over my beetroot seeds. I planted garlic in the hope it might grow and put more fleece over my carrots.

As I sat on my bench surveying my grand estate I felt absolutely satisfied with my little garden's progress. I take my diary down there each time I go now and love to sit making notes - what to do next, what I've done today ...

There is something just wonderful about being alone with nothing but the birds and the breeze for company. I love the neatness of my pristine raised beds and the deep rich brown of the earth. I love looking for the tiny green heads of seedlings starting to poke their way through the soil in neat rows.

When life in the real world is like a maelstrom I thank my lucky stars that I have this little corner of the world to retreat to.

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Kate Ladd said...

Ok I really need you to come and visit for a weekend and help transform my garden into a master piece ;-) When we moved in two years ago it was our intention to sort the partitioned section at the back into an allotment style veggie patch. Never got round to it especially since Daddy Doo moved out a year ago. So when are you free? ;-)