Thursday, 5 April 2012

The lid to the laundry basket does come off you know ...

Its the Easter Holidays and my boys are BORED!!! The only things they are interested in doing are sitting slumped in their dressing gowns playing the x box ( I hate you x box inventor!!!) or avoiding helping me with the household chores.

Getting them to empty half the dishwasher each is akin to forcing them to gouge their own eyes out with spoons ... or wash. However I do persevere in an attempt to teach them that this house is all our responsibility and they need to partake of various duties. I am not sure whether it is perhaps a genetic deficiency but neither they nor their father seem to have realised as yet that the lid of the laundry basket does actually come off. I am met constantly by piles of their clothes dumped unceremoniously on top of the lid, on the floor by the basket ... anywhere other than in the damned thing.

Being the only girl in a male dominated house can be frustrating to say the least some days. Don't get me wrong - I love sport and can enjoy a game of football or a round of golf with the best of those hairy types, but sometimes it gets a bit much. For example this afternoon ... We have decided to go to the pictures. All we need to do is decide on a film. An easy task? NO!!

I would like to go and see the Marigold Hotel ideally. Pirates is a possibility. But the film of choice which we will end up seeing is ... Wrath of the Titans. Oh deep joy. 99 minutes of testosterone fuelled machismo. I did look to see if there was a film being showed at the same time as this ghastly one that might keep me sane. But nope. Nothing. Nada.

I seem to spend my whole time immersed in the world of men. There is little pink or glitter involved and at the moment I am alternating between chief cook, bottle washer and psychiatrist. Of course I love all 3 of my boys and maybe day long dance competitions, preceded by gluing on thousands of diamante beads, would drive me just as mad. But I do seem to watch rather more than my fair share of Top Gear, Match of the Day and The Simpsons ...

This is why I escape to the gym, the allotment ... and why I have started having hour long manicures. Anyway ... enough writing for now. I have to go and iron my husband's shirt ...


Ash said...

Thank you Lara, Thank you Sarah. Nice to meet you too! I have this overwhelming need to tidy up my if I have visitors and I'm not prepared. :-) But you are most welcome...anytime.

I am not entirely new to blogging having started last year. But all I know is to write on it. What I am not, is tech savvy. I am trying desperately now to 'join' both your blogs but don't know how?? Will hopefully figure it out as I did the Britmums one..fingers crossed.

Once I get my head around sticking a million diamante pieces on my daughter's art work, (How did you know that ??) and sort my head out I will start reading your blog! It looks very interesting


Kat said...

Oh Lovely, you have my sympathy! In a house of 4 boys (well 3 and a husband) I know exactly where you're coming from. Mine can just about operate the washing basket but anything else is beyond them (including peeing straight during the night, UGH!)I fear my situation will only get worse as Chaos and Squish lose their cuteness in favour of large doses of male hormones. Should my blogging suddenly cease, I'm sure you can find me under the largest pile of laundry, if you can fight your way through the washing up to get to it!! Happy ironing, Kat xxx

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Ash! Thanks for visiting!You can just click on Follow this blog on the right hand side to follow me or you could click on subscribe ... There are various thrilling options down the right side of my blog! Good luck!!

Hi Kat! I have 2 boys and a husband who I count as another boy!!! He is wonderful, but ... well, a boy still! And as for the ironing? Well, I tend not to. I wash, fold and put away then iron as and when I need. Makes life much easier!

We all share the same stuff it seems when it comes to being a mum. ho hum! I may well come and find you under the ironing pile!

Urban Cynic said...

No ids at all in our house as you know (phew!) but I feel your pain there.

My suggestion is to allocate jobs to your sons each night for the next day. They can do the tasks when they like (so they are managing their time) but they HAVE to do them & see that they are also responsible for making the household run smoothly. Or read out the jobs and they can pick which ones they're taking.

My BF & I have specific roles - he takes out the bin, I do the recycling, he cooks, I wash up etc, so if a job isn't done we know who's slacked off!

I went to see Marigold Hotel on my own actually - It's great & you would love it. x


I had only girls and we had lots of nail polish spills, and lots of drama and screaming. NOw that they're grown they've brought me home five grand boys and three grand daughters. Now it's all fun as I'm the nana and I like to spoil them.
I watch my daughter do laundry when we visit and I simply do not know how she does it with four little ones.
God bless you for hanging in.