Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Secret Housewife joins Gym in desperate bid to maintain youth ...

I cannot tell you how excited I am!! I have just logged off from my new gym membership site having booked myself into a Pilates class and also a Yoga class! I have my gym induction on Friday and I just can't wait to get started!! Please excuse my excessive use of exclamation marks, but I am DEAD CHUFFED!!

My husband and I had both been thinking that we should join a gym again as we are both feeling rather blobby. We have both, over the years, been pretty fit and healthy.My husband is one of those people who is sickeningly good at every sport to which he turns his hand and I ... I have a high level of natural fitness combined with a dogged determination!

Over the last couple of years though we have done less and less exercise. Don't get me wrong - I still play football once a week, try to cycle to work when I can and occasionally go for a rather blubbery run. But at the age of 48 I want to maintain my muscle tone, keep up my cardio vascular prowess and generally keep/get more toned and fit.

Hence the gym. In the past I have hated gyms, but since completing the London Marathon in 2008 my body is not what it once was!! I have been bothered with achilles problems, knee niggles and just don't find running the joyful activity it used to be. The gym we have joined looks fab and it means that I can use weights to tone my muscles and all sorts of exotic machines to exercise my heart and lungs. Another bonus is a wide array of classes which are included in the membership, among which are yoga, pilates and spinning. Even more of a bonus is the lovely pool and spa ...  and bar ... which of course I won't be using at all ...

I am heading towards the end of my Degree Course so in a few weeks time I will only have to worry about my allotment. It will be lovely to be guilt free when I head off to the gym. I really love doing classes and the feeling of being nicely exhausted through exercise is something I really enjoy. I noticed when we went skiing earlier in the year that my level of fitness had reduced markedly so I definitely want to do something to regain my strength and stamina. Next year I want to be physically strong as I cry my way down the slopes!!

Obviously when I am toned, fit and slim I shall post pictures of myself in lycra ... but don't hold your breath!!

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Urban Cynic said...

I babysat for a friend last night and she and her husband had just lost 11lbs each on weight watchers.

They both said it had been easy as well. It seems a bit expensive but it does work from what I can tell. I so need to lose some weight (grumbles under breath as leaves the site)