Sunday, 8 July 2012

Losing weight - day 1.

I am absolutely starving. This is a good thing as my dinner will be ready shortly and I am trying to be healthy.

not what I look like ...

I went to the gym today for my session with the friendly personal trainer and I took advantage of the high tech weighing machine there. I discover that I have put on 2 stone ... 28 pounds. Groan!! Here I go again, trying to eat healthily, do lots of exercise and generally pull myself together in an attempt to be healthy, fit and be able to sit down without my belly hanging between my legs.

ok ... I know I'm not vast, but I'm vaster than I want to be. Matronly I would say. Grrr

The last bit about my belly is an exaggeration ... but it seems that my whole life has been a fight against being overweight. Its bloody boring.

Still ... I am hardly huge. I have 28 pounds to lose and if I aim for a pound a week and start to eat the way I should then I will be fit and slim by February. Easy eh?? I think I have let myself go this year - not helped by a rubbish year at work, illness in the family and a general tendency to be a greedy mare. Comfort food and a liking for a glass of Merlot do not lend to healthy lifestyle.

The gym was great and I am looking forward to getting stuck into my routine. I just have to make the time for me and it will become a part of my life. Let's hope so anyway. Right now I would kill for a peanut butter sandwich!!


Jo said...

I think you look lovely just as you are, you have a beautiful face and smile :-)

I'm always doing battle with my weight too.

Good luck with the healthy eating and the gym. I am trying to eat healthily and exercise at least 3 times a week at the moment :-)

Best Wishes,

Jo xxx

Lo said...

Oh, my dear.....I spent approximately 65 years hungry, exercising, dieting......did I mention starving and ready to kill for a bagel? It did manage to keep me a reasonable shape and size for part of the time. Over those years I must have lost and gained the same 47 lbs. 430 times I am not sure if it was worth it but now that I am old and have gained 30 lbs from quitting smoking and menopause I have come to my senses......I give myself permission to eat whatever I damned please for whatever years I have left.......

Good luck in your endeavors.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Its mad isn't it? I think yoyo dieting is crazy, but I have let myself slip and I want, overall, to be healthy. I am not as healthy as I could be right now and I don't want to head into my 50s overweight and unfit.
I don't want to be some skinny snap dolly, but right now I feel heavy and listless.
I just need to get back into a routine of eating well, eating healthily and doing exercise. It will be hard at times, but I know what I want!!
Thanks for your comments, Jo and Lo !!

Nicki said...

Good luck! You can do it! Might I suggest that you measure yourself with a tape measure too? Since muscle weighs more than fat, the scale may seem discouraging when you really are shedding fat!! YOU CAN DO THIS! I am on day 10 of my 4 week challenge and I feel great!!

Anna Higgins said...

The first day of your journey in losing weight looks promising! As long as you have self-discipline and you follow your routine, you can lose weight. Having a balanced diet and an exercise plan would help motivate you to do better in your pursuit. I know you can do it! Goodluck!