Thursday, 5 July 2012

Adventures at the gym.

A couple of months ago I joined a gym in the realisation that I needed to keep fit and healthy. I've always had a pretty good level of fitness, but this year I have nearly stopped exercising. My weight has gone up, my fitness gone down. Hence the gym!

The membership lady was lovely, but when I went for my gym induction things changed. The trainer who showed my husband and me round was a young, somewhat muscle bound chap who spent his time talking about machines 'for girls' and such like. His jolly male chauvinism was matched only by his bulging biceps and I was left somewhat unimpressed by his attempt at customer care. In spite of this I arranged my free personal training session so I could get a programme set up for myself and when I turned up ... he didn't. There was no phone call, no apology, just a no show.

I complained to the young man who was there that day, to little avail. 

Since then I have been a couple of times and found it really rather boring ... until yesterday ...

I discovered that the electronic key thingy I had was supposed to have been loaded with my information and a free programme - it hadn't been. This was my final straw as my key was echoingly empty. I went up to the man on the desk - slightly older this time - and voiced my frustration.

To my amazement and complete joy he turned out to be a total gem!! Not only did he sympathise with my experience and apologise, he set up my key and came over to explain what I should be doing. He said he would set me up a tailored programme and offered me a free session so he could show me what I should be doing.

He understood what I wanted and was overflowing with enthusiasm and love for his job. He understood that good customer service was essential and that one happy customer means good publicity and, in the end, maybe more money for him. He had come from a retail background, was in his forties and until 2 years ago had been over 20 stone or 280 pounds. He had lost weight, trained as a personal trainer and was almost evangelical in his love of the job he was doing.

I left the gym brimming with enthusiasm and a confidence that I would be able to regain my fitness and head for my fifties healthier and slimmer. I was so glad to have met him and wrote to the gym as soon as I got home, singing his praises.

I wonder why more people are not like this? Surely it makes his job enjoyable and satisfying and makes my goal of getting fit achievable? I might book him for some personal training sessions and will certainly tell my friends about him. People like him are what keeps you going to the gym and gives the gym a good reputation. Apparently he has been drafted in by the gym to create a new style of service, taking over from the testosterone ridden chauvinists of old. Good for him.


Lo said...

Yes, yes, yes. Service is NOT a dirty word but you would never know it in most places staffed by the young.

I always said that thee was no job beneath me and I meant it. Any job offered a challenge on how to figure out how to do it well or better. That is where the fun and satisfaction came from. To say I do not understand fools like the musclebound youth you encountered is putting it mildly.
So glad you found a good one and that you let management know about him.


Inkling said...

So glad to hear that your latest experience was much better than the former ones. The young guy sounds like he needs a lesson in being a gentleman.

I loved the allotment photos on your previous post too. Our weather in BC is quite like weather in the UK, or so my former family doc who hails from England tells me. We too have had difficult growing conditions. Today is the first day of real warmth and consistent sunshine we've had since last summer. We've had a few sunny days, but they were quite cold. My poor basil died twice due to cold and too much rain, and I'm trying a third planting. Things that should be nearing harvest are barely a few inches tall. Despite the discouraging progress, I still find gardening so cathartic.

If I can find it again, I read a quote about gardening being healing for our souls the other day and thought of you. I'll send it as soon as I can dig it up again.

If only weeding our plots could give us the hips we had in our youth....... =)