Sunday, 1 July 2012

Allotment photos & a plan to stay happy.

Following my last post I have been so touched by the responses I have received. I was very reluctant to write what I did as I don't really want people to know how I am feeling. But your comments have made me feel that I have done the right thing.

So ... knowing that sitting doing nothing is just about the worst thing I can do I have been planning my days like military operations. I felt pretty down yesterday so I lay in bed thinking about today and planned ...

  • Get up and have shower.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Pot up cucumber seedlings and water tomatoes.
  • Go to allotment and plant other cucumber seedlings, brussel sprouts and net them.
  • Visit friend at Craft Show to see her glass.
  • Come home and make lunch.
  • Sort out Year 1 work and stick and mark.
  • Write blog.
  • Play football.
  • Cook dinner.
  • Watch football.
I know this might sound a bit OCD but its my way of coping with the day. If I have physical things to do which are also quite creative then I know I feel better. If I have a plan then I tend to stay focussed and not fall into the trap of thinking too much and feeling miserable.

I had a lovely time at my allotment this morning - just me and the breeze. I have taken some photos so you can see how it looks.The crops ( if I can use such farmeresque terms!) are not doing brilliantly this year, but I don't think I am alone in that. Even the farmers around here seem to be struggling with crops that are a bit weedy looking.

my herb bed with rhubarb

2 cucumber plants and sweet corn behind

Brussels Sprouts

from left ... beetroot, lettuce,garlic,spring onions

my work finished for this morning

under the yellow net - purple sprouting broccoli

the first of my autumn fruiting raspberries - they are Autumn Gold and supposed to be yellow!!

nearest to camera - potatoes

getting there - just need more gravel for paths!
I never thought I would be a veg gardener and I look at my allotment with real surprise and pride!! This year I have grown most of my things from seed, which makes me feel like a real gardener!! Its such a lovely place to be alone in a good way. I enjoy making it look neat and tidy and seeing my plants actually grow. Let's hope it can help me get over my down period. Nothing like being outdoors to blow the cobwebs away ...


"As We Speak" said...

Have to say, I'm very impressed with your garden...quite an undertaking. You and 'Mother Nature' are quite a team.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you! I tend to think its more luck than judgement. x

FarmWife said...

I am in love with your garden. Mine is piddly and parched this year as we are in a horrible drought...but even if we had rain, it would be no where as pretty as yours. Good job!!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you Farm Wife! I do love being down there, although we have the opposite problem to you - too much rain! Ah well ...I would love you and Inkling to just come over and eat strawberries and cream with me there!! x

Jo said...

Fab blog.

Really enjoyed this post too, we have not long started with an allotment (we've lots to learn)

Jo xx

helloitsgemma said...

Your allotment looks fantastic - am jealous and good to read such a positive post following your previous post. Sending best wishes and hope all works out and that maybe the allotment is the helps (and some sunshine).

Eve said...

It's so good to stay active and creative, especially when feeling a little down..I sometimes have to stringently regulate my days as well...btw, your garden looks lovely, I can almost feel the breeze looking at the pictures!

Jo said...

Hi, I stopped by previously but have only just read your last post.
I studied counselling and psychotherapy for 3 years, and I battle to stop myself from getting to down.

I find alone time at our allotment very therapeutic.

I also find giving myself a tick list of a few chores to make myself do each day really helps when I'm feeling very, well, numb really some days.

Have to force myself to do things some days but it's a nice feeling at the end of the day when I know that I did them.

In counselling planning activities for the day is often recommended. It's all about finding the best coping strategy for you.

I find planning my days helps me :-) I also try to plan something small and achievable that I know I'll enjoy in the future. I always need to have something on the calendar that I'll look forward to.

Take care,

Jo xxx