Monday, 8 April 2013

Horizon and Dr Michael Mosley's 5:2 Fast Diet ... starting week 3.

So ... today is my 5th fasting day since I started Dr Michael Mosley's Fast Diet 2 and a bit weeks ago. I am determined to follow his programme, not only to lose weight, but to benefit from the amazing differences it appears to make to a person's chances of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers.

I have read his book and then re-read parts of it, but until last night I had not watched the Horizon documentary in which he first put forward his thoughts. My old blog friend Urban Cynic suggested I watch to get a fuller understanding of his ideas and I am grateful for the advice as I found the programme very interesting and it has made me even more determined to continue.

It is an hour long documentary, but it is well worth watching. The results of fasting seem really quite startling and the effect on the human body quite remarkable.

I am still experimenting with a way of fasting that suits me. I have had days where I felt fine, days where I felt ravenously hungry. Today I have had a glass of water and a mug of chai black tea. I don't feel at all hungry and plan to wait until I do feel that I need something and maybe have a couple of poached eggs, possibly some nice crunchy raw carrots or a tuna salad. I don't want to spend my day obsessed with food!!

It is interesting to see how many hits my posts on this subject have received and also how many people I know are actually following the plan. I have not heard a single bad review. Everyone I know who has started it has felt the benefits. I think its a case of being flexible, listening to your body and experimenting to find what suits you.

I definitely feel more alert, less sluggish and really don't feel the need or desire to fill myself with rubbish food! I will measure and weigh myself tomorrow and see if I have lost any weight, but, to be honest, having watched Horizon last night the weight loss side of this is the least important thing. As I head towards 50 I want to be as healthy as I can be both physically and mentally. I will check back here soon!!


Urban Cynic said...

I'm really glad you went back & watched the programme as it really does make a difference. The health benefits are startling and I for one do not want to get Alzheimers or die of heart disease or cancer, so the more I do to stop that I will, and if I lose weight as a by-product of that then even better!

I'm on a fast day today actually. To me, the most remarkable things was noticing how often I opened the bloody fridge door when I had no business in there! A lot of food consumption is habit.

I want to ask you a question but I'll ask it on Instagram (reply here) well done for keeping going though - just find a pattern that suits you & don't over think it! x

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hello!! I feel much better today and I feel I understand more what and why Im doing this. Thanks for the tip!
Its 6.30 in the evening and I feel fine having only eaten a banana and some herbal tea today. I am going to make myself a nice big tuna salad with maybe a soft boiled egg on top.
I await your question with interest!!

blurose_in_ok said...

Good Going Sarah... I am in the middle of my 5th day fast. It is going well and I am sipping coffee for the noon lunch. Hunger doesn't seem so bad today, but I am coming off from the weekend where snacking was rampant. I will do my 6th fast on Thursday and will weigh in before then. We must compare scale amounts for curiosity sake as we atarted at the same time! Enjoy your feast day tomorrow!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi BlueRose! My fast day on Monday went really well. I felt fab and honestly did not feel hungry at all in the way I have on previous days.
I think its because I had no breakfast, just a cup of chai and some water, then a banana at lunchtime when I started to feel peckish. Before I knew it the time was 7pm and I had a big bowl of salad leaves with some tuna, tomatoes and a soft boiled egg. Delicious!!
I am going to put a page at the top of my blog to log my stats as far as the weight loss goes, although at the moment I have lost nothing!! Have to be more vigilent on my non fast days methinks!! Sarah

Donna - Joe - and Sherman said...

I just watched the doc on PBS I am from Philadelphia area. I found this so interesting thta I bought the book and am going to read by Sunday and start this 2 days on 5 days off. My one concern is 2 days can be any days not in a row right? and the feast day, I think should be healthy.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hello Donna-Joe-and Sherman!! Thanks for leaving a comment!! You are right ... the fast days are spaced out. I do mine on a Monday and a Thursday. And yes, the feast days should be healthy. You should be eating about 2000 calories as a woman per day, 500 cals on the fast days.
I have fiddled about experimenting to see what suits me and I have to make sure I don't go over on the feast days. Although it says to eat what you like you still have to be sensible!!
I am about to put a page at the top of my blog to cover my progress! Good luck with your fast diet! I'm coming over to visit your blog! Sarah