Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dr Michael Mosley's Fast Diet .... I am bloody starving here.

I am ravenous. Two weeks into the Fast Diet ( see previous post for details) and I am bloody ravenous. And what's more I have not cheated at all and yet when I weighed and measured myself last week I had lost ..... NOTHING. A big fat ( and FAT is the operative word here ...) ZERO!!

I am not giving up. I plan to continue, but it seems that the " Eat what you like " tenet is not all its cracked up to be. Of course you can't eat what you like. You need to be eating 2000 calories a day apart from on the Fast Days where its 500 calories.

I am not sure of my calories intake as I had stopped thinking about it. To be honest then I would imagine most days I am under the 2000 and some days I am over. I just don't like to have to think about it. I just want to be able to eat healthily and be slim.

I am obese. But I also fit into a size 12 British size. So what's happening there??

This is probably not a good day to write my blog as I am really hungry and don't even have the incentive of knowing I am losing weight and becoming healthy ... as I have not lost weight at all and don't know if my blood is looking healthier ... My husband tells me to keep persevering, but right now I am so sick of thinking about my weight, thinking about what I eat. Its dull.

I shall keep going in the hope that next time I write I will be able to give you good and happy news. But in the mean time I would love to hear how you are doing, what your experience with this has been ... Thanks.


Sarah said...

I am really glad you shared this. I am thinking of the FAST diet but really could not understand how it could possibly work given my binge type eating habits. I was prepared to believe there was some kind of magic involved. I am also an obese size 12. How is that even possible????

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment.I am still hoping it will work and today 9a non fast day) is a lot easier than yesterday when I wrote my post!! I think I need to be sensible with my eating and results will come ... I will keep posting my progress so do check back!! And good luck if you decide to start it. Sarah

Sarah said...

Yes I will follow you avidly now to see if it works or is all hype.

Mummy Plum said...

I know MultilayerMummy has been doing this, and I think has had some success with it. You might find some tips on her site or she has a section dedicated to it on her other blog:

I think the sidebar popular posts are all related to this.

Good Luck!

blurose_in_ok said...

Not sure how you are fasting but on my fasting days I split my calories into 200/100/200 for my meals. Spaced out helps ALOT. Of course, I add 2 cups coffee in between. Works really well and I believe I am losing. Have vowed not to weigh in until I have been at it for 4 weeks. So I will see!

Multi Layer Mummy said...

keep going!! Like Mummy Plum said I am having some success with it. I do try to keep up the 2 days a week and have maintained my weight loss, none of it has crept back on (but I do have a 2yr old to run round after, but you do have 2 boys so we're equal!!)
Let me know if I can help with what you eat on your fast days x

Urban Cynic said...

I've been finding it really easy actually but I do 2pm until 2pm the next day so I'm not going a night a day then a whole night without food. I don't even eat most of my 500 calories actually; I have lunch then I pick at raspberries and pistachios and chicken etc until I go to bed. I sometimes have a cup of bouillon (12 cals) which fends off hunger. I never feel hungry in the morning anyway so I just have a coffee then eat normally again after 2pm.

You need to watch the programme online and not just read the book for it to really go in and 'get' what it's all about I think. As long as you do 24 hours it doesn't have to be morning until morning - I tried this and couldn't manage it.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you Mummy Plum, Blue Rose, Multi Layer Mummy and Urban Cynic!! I have just written a new post about my progress so far and visiting your blogs has helped me to understand a bit more about the whole 5:2 idea.I am really determined to keep going!! I am going to try some of your recipe ideas too Multi Layer Mummy. Thank you all!!! Sarah x