Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm a Brilliance in Blogging Lifestyle Finalist 2013 ... wooohoooooo!!!!!


Well ... you are not going to believe this but ... I only went and made it into the Final of the BiB Awards!!! I found out this afternoon when I was at work and couldn't resist a little dance! I am so thrilled to have made it to the top 6 blogs in this national competition.

If you are one of the people who nominated me or voted for me then ... THANK YOU!!!!! 

I have been writing this blog for about 7 years now and it has been such an enjoyable thing to do. I have always loved writing, but it never ceases to amaze me that anyone actually wants to read what I write about, never mind vote me into the final of a writing competition!!

I am in the final six with some really fab blogs and I thought you might be interested in having a look at them. So ... here are the links to them. Do go and have a read, but please come back to me!!! There are some really interesting posts and and a variety of voices and I hope you enjoy having a peruse! For me its really interesting to visit other blogs which are similar to mine in content and yet, at the same time, very different.

I would love to win this award, but, to be honest, I am just looking forward to meeting some of my fellow bloggers and getting to the final 6 is more than I ever hoped for. Plus I do believe they have champagne at the awards served up by rather gorgeous men who are stripped to the waist and have more than their fair share of muscles ... Obviously this would hold no interest for me ... I am a married woman of a certain age after all ...

Anyhoo ... enough of this idle and slightly sexist chat ... here are the links to the other finalists in the Lifestyle category. Good luck everyone!!!

Now ... I need to sort out what to wear ... would sequins be too too much ...??


Anonymous said...

Well done lovely girl!! Your blog is so interesting, inspiring, emotional, funny and just a pleasure to read. Keeping everything crossed for you on 21 June. Good Luck Matey! Sarah xx

Sarah said...

Thank you so much my gorgeous friend! I really appreciate all your support. We really need to go and have coffee and cake to celebrate now!!! Sarah xxx

Lo said...

Oh, piffle. What kind of cockamamie contest is this? It is no contest at win hands down.

I read all the other entries and 3 are not even worthy of being called blogs. I demand some kind of narrative and that's that. Hell, several were so old they could not b e called current.

The two that did have words and some sort of theme were not worthy of mention in any kind of contest based on quality. I am totally baffled, but you surely should win or it's rigged andaltogether crooked..

Gina said...

Congratulations!!! You go and rock those sequins!

Older Mum said...

Many congratulations - very, very well deserved!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hello Lo! You make me die!! Fab comment for me but I think we can safely say your career in the diplomatic corps is over!!! Bless you for shooting from the hip! xxx

Hello Gina! Thank you so much!! Hopefully will see you soon!! xxx

Hi Older Mum! Thank you so much! I genuinely wanted you to be there with me though. I thought your blog should definitely have been there too. I voted for you. We can still drink champers together tho. Looking forward to meeting you. xxx

love to you all Sarah x

Mama Syder said...

Congratulations! Very exciting isn't it. I'm so thrilled to be in such good company x

Anonymous said...

Coffee and cake sounds fab and I am happy to come and shop for sequins and bling too!!!! Xxx

sarah at secret housewife said...

Thanks Mama Syder!I look forward to meeting you at the awards!

Hi Sarah!! All sounds good to me!!! xxx