Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Comfort Eating, the Fast Diet and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

I know I go on about this a bit, and some of you may not actually be that interested ... but this Fast Diet is teaching me a lot. Since I have been on it I haven't cheated on my fast days at all.Its been 8 weeks now. However, I do have times when I really fancy food. It has taught me that a lot of my eating is pure boredom eating. I wouldn't even say it was comfort eating. I find myself heading for the fridge or the larder purely because its something to do. The fact that I don't eat anything when I get there is good, but finding myself there at all shows me that I eat because I want the flavour, the texture, rather than because I need it.

Today has been a dull, dull day ... a combination of brain numbing work ( not usually the case at all) and then a series of cooking, transporting, waiting, arguing, ferrying, waiting ...  And there is nothing I would like more than to make myself a big peanut butter sandwich on white, buttered bread. I would like to bite into soft loaf and salty, creamy, claggy peanut ...

Why does boredom and annoyance make me want to eat? I don't think I realised before because I would just do it ... just eat. The Fast Diet has made me see the pattern and, because I only have to cope with one day of restricted eating at a time, I have the will power to remain strong. I can tell myself that tomorrow will be a peanut butter day. Of course it probably won't, but by then it won't matter and I won't need to be "good" so the chances are that I won't be that bothered about food. The restrictions and need for healthy eating do tend to remain in the system though so I won't be indulging in a feast of naughtiness, food wise.

Today my colleagues tucked into macaroni cheese and garlic bread for lunch while I ate my banana and drank water. It didn't bother me at all, although they probably thought me very dull. At least I'm not dull every day though ... just twice a week.

I really feel that I am getting healthier. I feel different. Last night I went to zumba and felt fine, even though I haven't been doing much exercise at all recently. Tomorrow morning I shall weigh myself and see my fat, water, muscle and bone percentages again, as well as my BMI. It feels a bit odd being as open as this about something that is, essentially, private, but I think its important for me to see the changes over the weeks and if my blog posts and stats are interesting to anyone else, perhaps people just starting out on the Fast Diet, then that's good.

You never know, maybe this time next year I shall be gorgeously lean and fetchingly healthy, sporting a slim tummy and glowing cheeks. Someone asked me today, as they were tucking into their macaroni cheese, followed by chocolate brownie and custard ... how long I planned to be on the Fast Diet. The answer came quickly to my lips ... forever.


Lo said...

Sarah,dear...... I want you to know that you inspired me to investigate and then TRY the FastDiet! I just started on Sunday....my first fast day..... and to everything you say I am nodding vigorously in agreement.
You might want to read my blog about this at

Not only is the fasting experience interesting, but the objective gaze at one's food habits and reactions are equally fascinating.

I thank you so much for getting me off my butt and on to this new program. Let's keep in touch about it,,OK?


I'm going to tell my daughter about the fast diet. Never heard of it. Interesting. You'll be fit in no time cause we are cheering you on. Go girl. Stick with it. you'll do great. Hang in. Hugs, Barbara

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Lo! I am so pleased you are going to do this! I have left a comment on your blog ( very funny post btw!)and I will def keep in touch! I got your email - thank you! Sarah x

Hi Barbara! This Fast Diet is very popular over here. Thank so much for your encouragement!! Sarah x

Sam said...

Well done for being a Finalist and look forward to catching up next month!