Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Fast Diet continues and the BiBs voting closes ... how exciting!!

Well ... how nice is this?? Its 6.30 on Thursday evening and I am sprawled sitting on my sofa with my laptop - dinner in the oven, son #1 in the kitchen with his maths tutor, son #2 at football with my husband and all is well with the world!! Its very rare to find me able to do this sort of thing - luxury!!

I can now trawl the web to my heart's content, safe in the knowledge that there is a scrumptious chilli in the oven and I am up to date with everything that is important. Obviously I could be, at this very minute, hoovering or dusting or maybe tidying something ... but, for goodness sake!! I'm not Anthea Turner and it will still be there for me to do tomorrow ... or the next day.

Interesting news on the Fast Diet front. I had a bit of a naughty week as far as food went ( although I stayed true to my fast days ) because I had friends over for lunch one day and probably ate my body weight in Boursin, but ... my stats were really rather intriguing. Well ... when I say intriguing they are probably quite dull to anyone not on the Fast Diet, but  I thought I would share them anyway.

Although I put on just under a kilo in weight ( just under 2 pounds) my percentages were very different. My fat percentage went down from 44.9% to 41.7% and my muscle and bone percentages increased. I have definitely lost fat around my middle and I am hoping I have lost internal fat too.

The whole fasting thing has eased into a steady routine and I am able to manage my fast days well. I feel hungry, but it is not unpleasant. I tend to have a cup of tea when I get up, then I don't eat until about 1pm when I have a piece of fruit. I then wait until early evening to eat my 300 to 400 calories. I have bought myself a nice water bottle and am drinking way more water than I have done in years.

I feel so much more alert than I did before. My mind is clear and I can articulate my ideas far better than I did before. This of course sounds ridiculous and it may be purely my imagination, but this is how I feel! I am sleeping better, don't feel bloated and ( probably too much information this ... ) I have started having periods again for the first time in nearly a year. I can see this being a long term way of life.

Its strange that when you mention you are on a fasting diet some people have the reaction that you are mad, its not safe, its a fad. My brother in law, when I suggested he go on it rather than struggle to diet, said that he wanted something sustainable. For me, being on this plan seems far more sustainable than the " being on a diet" plan where you spend your whole time thinking about what you can't eat and what you are going to have for your next meal.. Each to their own though.

This week I have no plans to gorge myself on cheese and my hormones will be back to normal so hopefully next week my weight will be lower again.

On other matters the voting closed in the BiBs Awards. I still can't really believe that I was nominated for a national award. I don't know who nominated me, but if you are reading this ... Thank You!!!! Last year I reached the short shortlist for the video section of the BiBs and I don't think it really hit home how amazing it was to be up there. This year we will all find out who has made it to the top 6 on the 22nd May and I am so excited!! If I make it to the last 6 this time it will mean so much! To have my writing, my blog, recognised by a national award would be incredible. I am not, however, counting any eggs or chickens yet as I am up against some very good blogs. Cross your fingers for me??


Older Mum said...

This diet sounds great - and it's done a lot of good for your health ie. getting your periods back - I think I need to do something like this. And my fingers are crossed for you :o). Ps like the new look!

Urban Cynic said...

I voted for you so I hope you win!

I am quite reluctant to tell people are the 5:2 diet as you somehow end up feeling like you're trying to justify yourself and people often treat you that way like you should explain your decisions to them - when actually it's none of their business!

I'm glad you're sticking with it - I keep forgetting about it but I've definitely lost weight.