Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Blog Post with two photos.

Well... I had a jolly nice day today. I had a good morning at work and then went straight off to the hairdressers to change my hairstyle ... as you do at these establishments. I am not posting a revealing photo of myself as I am rubbish at selfies and just look like a pig. However, I am pleased with the new cut. I am softer, blonder and generally less bleak.

On the way back home from the hairdressers the sun was going down over the fields and I took lots of photos -  one of which is the photo for today in my Project 365. I rather like it and I hope you do too.

I am trying to read more at the moment and last night I settled down, with no tv or electronic distraction to read my book. My friend has lent me The Janus Stone and I am enjoying it - its a tale of murder on the Norfolk marshes, ancient bones and archeology. Excellent stuff.

So my photo for January the 8th shows the start of my evening in ... and a very cosy evening it was too.


Gina Howie said...

Glad you had a jolly nice day. I enjoyed mine too. The first photo is stunningly beautiful. I keep going back to it on Instagram see it again ~ lovely.

Emma Julia said...


sarah at secret housewife said...

Thank you Gina! Im so chuffed you like it! I was pleased too.
And thank you Emma too for coming over !!
Sarah x

Honey Mommy said...

Your first photo is just gorgeous! Wow!

I love cuddling up with a good book too.

enjoyingthejourney said...

I think I'll use one of these photos as the background on my computer they're so lovely! Keep them coming....

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi HoneyMummy and enjoying the journey!

So glad you like my photos!